Dear families,
We hope you have had a lovely Christmas break; we now wish you a very happy 2019.
Your news this morning:


Outdoor Classroom in the playground
Thanks to your fundraising and the organisation of the Events Committee, we have a beautiful new outdoor classroom in the back playground, complete with tables and seating. The beautiful structure will act as a classroom for all age groups and, if cleared of tables, as a gorgeous outdoor theatre.
Do drop by the back playground and have a look!


New Vegetable Plot
The new vegetable plot is coming along and our winter vegetables will soon start to grow!
Midday Music!
We are beginning a programme of lunchtime mini-recitals for our instrumentalists to practice performing to an audience, and for pupils of all ages to acquire the habit of listening to live music.
This will be in the theatre every Wednesday 1.15-1.30…beginning soon!
New Lunch Provider
From today, we revert to our previous lunch caterer of several years, Coquo.
Having compared it with this year’s provider, we think Coquo’s lunches were better quality and much preferred by the children.
The price to families remains the same.
We will watch the pupils’ reactions to their new lunches!


After-School Clubs 
Clubs begin again this week
Please let Saray know if you child will not be continuing with his/her club this term.
Thank you.
A jacket, please
Would you please routinely equip your child with a jacket for breaktimes?
It can be cold in the playground in the mornings, and on days when the sun doesn’t come out, pupils can feel cold outdoors.
We understand pupils who come by car do not think of putting on a coat, but it is necessary this term to have one in school.
Thank you.


Healthy snacks
A reminder that we are encouraging pupils of all ages to make healthy eating choices and would be grateful of your support by sending in fruit and savoury snacks, rather than chocolate and other sugar-rich snacks.
Thank you.


Name labels on clothing, please!
We have so much unclaimed clothing in school, and so many families asking for clothing that has been lost!
It is a long-term issue, but one that is simple to remedy.
Please label all clothing and lunch equipment with your child’s name and help us resolve this.
Thank you.


Years 1-6 Visit to the Miró Foundation
Friday 11th
This Friday, the Spanish department, accompanied by all primary staff, is taking all primary children to a workshop at the Miró Foundation in Montjuïc, Barcelona.
The children will also visit the permanent collection and have lunch in the area.


Enrichment This Term: ‘Making a Difference’
Our weekly Enrichment programme across primary will focus on the environment this term.
Children will explore issues relating to air pollution and water pollution by plastics, and how to take action to reverse these.
The children will also take part in an active forest clearing/beach clearing day.
This environmental unit will complement the play, Miss Fifi Cosmic Kitten, coming in February to our theatre! See below.
Looking ahead…




Miss Fifi Cosmic Kitten, a play for primary children, performed by our Musical Theatre group
1st & 2nd February, 7.00pm
Do bring your children to see this lovely production in our theatre.
Tickets on sale soon, priced at 1 euro for children and 2 euros for adults.


Mobile phone use
Pupils are being reminded today that we are entering the third week where mobiles are handed to the form tutor.
From next week, however, we move back into the ‘trust phase’, or the ‘self-discipline phase’, where pupils may keep their mobiles in their bags again. This new phase is indefinite, but will be reversed if a pupil is found to be using their mobile in school. If so, the pupil’s class will revert to the safekeeping phase by the form tutor for two weeks. After those two weeks, the ‘self-discipline phase’ begins again.
We hope in this way to support a sense of self-discipline regarding mobile use, and believe pupils will rise to it.


Year 11 GCSE Mock Examinations
Wednesday 9th – Wednesday 16th
Year 11 have examinations over these six days.
They should not go home between exams but be onsite for independent study and revision sessions with staff.


Year 9 Poetry Recital
Friday 11th, 11.10 am, in the theatre
Year 9 families are invited to the monthly recital by pupils.
See you there!


Have a great week, everyone,
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