Year 9’s colonias was a little different this year. After having studied the Spanish Civil War in History, the kids went on a two-day adventure in the Ebro of hiking, caving, finding hitherto undiscovered remnants of the war in the hills and trenches, visiting a museum, and exploring the preserved, abandoned, bombed out village of Corbera.

The kids were amazingly energetic and climbed mountains off the beaten track without complaint. They listened, fascinated, to stories and anecdotes told by our guide about the experiences of the International Brigaders who fought in the battle of the Ebro, and whose steps we retraced through the countryside. The pupils were well-prepared for the history part of the trip having studied the Spanish Civil War in class and researched different aspects of the International Brigades as a project which they presented to their class.

The next two days were a little more relaxing as we kayaked down the River Ebro a total of 35 km, in breathtaking beauty, jumping into the cool, clear water whenever we felt like a swim. Lots of memories and bonding moments to cherish forever.



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