Inspired by the work of Vivienne Westwood, Julian Opie and Henry Moore, Year 3 have been designing clothes, modelling body shapes and drawing each other.

We began by learning to draw body shapes using chalk on the playground. In the classroom, we used felt tip pen to create these simplistic shapes and colours.

Next, we used charcoal and chalk to create more complex body shapes focussing on light and dark. The class models had great fun creating their body shapes using a body stocking.

After that, we looked in greater detail at faces and the emotions shown in them. We used pen to make sketches of each other adding these important details.

Then we created a maquette of ourselves from cardboard, we were inspired by the Terracotta Army and formed our own class army of maquettes!

We then experimented with Mod-Roc to create 3D models in the style of Alberto Giacometti.

This was a messy, but fun lesson!

Finally, we designed and made clothes for a mannequin in the style of Vivienne Westwood.  


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