Just an ordinary morning at the Olive Tree School … or was it?

What happens when you don’t heed a warning?  Year 4 certainly found out today!

The box clearly said, “Do not open?”

Carpets ruffled, shelves emptied and bedding straw everywhere!

Total destruction!

The box was labelled “Danger!” and “Do not crush!”  What was inside the box? Was it an animal? If so, where is it now?  Who put the box there? Why was it delivered to Year 4? So many questions left unanswered.  The children searched the room for clues. A mystery to solve and after tidying and cleaning their classroom – a job very well done by the way – the children wrote a description of events.   

Superb imagination and writing.

Finally,  a deep breath taken here . . . there was the confession to the crime.  I had actually staged the scene as a stimulus for their written work. Plenty of groans, moans and protests followed.   I was eventually forgiven and as an added bonus – actually praised for my acting skills! Fabulous, wonderful Year 4!

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