Year 3 welcomed their families and the rest of Primary to come aboard their dragon longship.

A group of Viking men and their sons prepare to go a-Viking, crossing the sea to invade the Lindisfarne monastery.


Why can’t the Viking daughter go too?

“I’m just as brave as you are!” she says to her brothers.

Why were the Monks targeted by the Vikings?


“We are peaceful men plead the Monks!”

Unfortunately, this made them an easy target for the Vikings, who stole their gold and even killed some of them.

We told our audience all about how the Vikings raided and the important role of Viking women.

We also shared an important saga about the Viking Gods.

“Hear the tale of mighty Thor, god of war and thunder,

When he went into battle, he just ripped his foes asunder.

His power lay in a hammer that he hurled with all his might,

Like magic it returned to him, it was an awesome sight!”


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