Year 7 and 8 has been studying Brazil as their Geography topic this term.

So far they have learnt all about Brazil´s physical features and ecosystems, weather and climate. We played a gripping Beat the Teacher quiz on the six main factors that influence climate and weather, and they won! Why don´t you ask them if they can tell you all about them?

The Year 8 pupils have also been researching the six main ecosystems in Brazil, and have produced some great posters in a very limited time. We then did a market stall activity in which pupils set up their Ecosystem stalls with their posters as a teaching aid, and taught the rest of the class as they visited their stalls in timed sessions. They must be experts by now! Below are some examples of their posters.

Next, they studied the favelas, crime, and the rainforest – including an exciting and controversial debate about the effects of cutting down the rainforest. The arguments are not as black and white as you may think, so beware of some heated discussions at the dinner table!

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