Each Spring, for one week The Olive Tree transforms into a hub of all things science. Science Week, an annual event at The Olive Tree, involves the whole school in a host of activities spanning four days. This year’s Science Week focused on Marine Biology and Marine Sciences.

A huge thank you to all the teachers, parents and pupils – you made this year amazing!

Below are some highlights from the week!

Fish Dissections

Years 3, 7, 8 and 9 completed fish dissections in their Science lessons over the last two days.  They sketched the major external body parts of a fish before using their scalpels and dissecting scissors on the real thing.  All classes did spectacularly well, showing great skill in identifying and removing the major organs, and some pupils even finding extra parts like eye lenses!  Really informative sessions and a great insight into fish anatomy.  Sketches and photos were on display Friday.

Guest Speaker: Roser, Tuna Tour L’Ametlla de Mar

Secondary pupils met Roser from The Tuna Tour,L’Ametlla de Mar. Roser provided high energy excitement and gave us a fabulous history of tuna fishing, leading to the modern industry and the best methods for fishing accountability in our local waters and in the international field.  Very informative and eye-opening for all.

Roser provided the background to our Secondary Science Week trip this year: the opportunity for pupils to swim with very large bluefin tuna!  More details available here: www.tuna-tour.com/en/

Animal Behaviour with Veterinarian Sonia Tarrida

A highly thought-provoking talk by one of our pupil parents, Sònia.  Sònia focused on animal behaviour, linking the common dynamics inherent in species from fish, to horses, to humans.  She helped us reflect on how we can be our best self, hold higher self-belief and fulfil our dreams.  We discussed fish schooling dynamics and the benefits of having a support network in addition to being our true selves as we grow up and become an adult.  The discussion lead us to how we set goals and use our visions to support us through life, school, jobs, daily relationships and how this is mirrored in the animal kingdom.  A beautiful look into animal relations and finished with a few techniques to bring about happiness in our interactions and the lives of others.

Primary Science: CRAM, Sharks and Plastic Pollution!

Primary pupils had an inspiring trip to CRAM, a marine rescue and rehabilitation centre based in Barcelona. After fun activities on the beach, the children had a range of fun activities followed including videos and talks about protecting sharks from illegal fishing and finning and practical activities to help learn about endangered species and the impact of overfishing in our oceans.  The children were then given a guided tour to see the “resident” turtles that live at the foundation and listened to the histories of why they were there.

Year 6’s recent science projects were focused on plastics and plastic pollution. Many children looked at plastics in our oceans and the impact this has on sea creatures and ultimately our own species. Children also looked at what can be done on a daily basis to limit plastic pollution and interest new advances in science that are tackling the problem of plastics head on.

The end of the week focused on the always popular cake competition and the science fair and of course – dressing up like your favourite scientist!

All in all and fun, interesting and thought-provoking week!


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