Dear families,

Just ten days to go until we welcome everybody back to school on Monday 9th.
We hope it’s been a lovely break for you and are looking forward to the new year as much as we are.

We would like to give an especially warm welcome to all our new families and invite you to an informal tea party with Theresa, deputy headteacher and Audrey, headteacher, on Thursday 12th September at 3.15 in the primary library.

To returning families, we hope to see you at Meet The Teacher on Friday 6th at 3.00, or the following week around school.

Congratulations to our Year 11 on their excellent GCSE results this summer! We had a 100% pass rate, and all pupils left with a range of very good GCSE passes, allowing them to move onto their 16-18 education. We are very proud of them.

Congratulations also to our LAMDA Acting candidates, all eight of whom passed with either a Merit or a Distinction! Top results for all our fine actors.




Headteachers’ availability

Communication with families is a priority for us; we are always happy to meet you regarding welfare or teaching & learning issues.

Here is the complete staff list:

Staff List 2019 -20

Olivia Hughes, Head of Saplings

Primary class teachers
Year 1 Marie Fowler
Year 2 Sam Lane, Dan Sumner
Year 3 Josh Rutledge
Year 4 Hannah Tait
Year 5 Clare Oxberry
Year 6 Anna Johnson

Secondary subject teachers / personal tutors
Mathematics & assistant headteacher, Maria Iriarte (+ Year 10 personal tutor)
Head of English Language & Literature, Iain Foreman
Head of Science, Katie Galvaey (+ Year 9 personal tutor)
History, Geography, PE & Enrichment, Brooke Cairns (+ Year 7 personal tutor)
Spanish & Catalan Advanced, Sara Carmona (+ Year 8 personal tutor)
Adelina Estero, Spanish Beginners/ Intermediate
Julia Pons, Catalan Humanities
French, Elisabeth Levavasseur
Computer Science, Ian Ryder
Art & Design, Aileen Hamilton
Physical Education, Jerry Linehan & Brooke Cairns
Music Years 7-8-9, Reevan Trupin
Music GCSE, Iain Foreman
Drama GCSE, Audrey Reeder
Psychology GCSE, Natalie Ribbans

Special Education teachers
Primary Mandi Tucker
Secondary Natalie Ribbans

PE Year 1-2 Dan Sumner
PE Years 3-6 Jerry Linehan
PE Secondary Brooke Cairns and Jerry Linehan

Years 1-2-3 Nicole Lewis
Years 4-5-6 & 7-8-9 Reevan Trupin
Year 10 Music Iain Foreman

Spanish & Catalan
Primary Beginners Sara Carmona
Primary Advanced Adelina Estero
Secondary Beginners Adelina Estero
Secondary Advanced Sara Carmona
Secondary Humanities (Advanced) Julia Pons

Learning support teachers
Lulu Melotte
Juliet Ryder
Rachael Cameron
Montse Ausín
Michal Volfin
Rebecca Rohde
Francisca De Teves Costa (secondary & primary)

Admin & finance staff
James Hoyle, finance director
Ursula Ragettli, finance assistant
Saray, front of house & communication


Meet The Teacher
Friday 6th Sept, 3.00

All pupils and families are invited to come along for a chat with their new teachers and to have a peep at their new classrooms and facilities.
We hope to see you there.


Calendar 2019-20

The year’s calendar is available here for you.


Events Calendar, Autumn Term

The main events of the term are available here. Please note that further events will be added as term progresses.


Lunch sign-up by next Thursday 5th at 12.00

If your child will take a school lunch this term, please notify both Saray and Ursula at and by next Thursday 5th at 12.00pm, specifying the days lunch is required.

Please note than the price of a school lunch is

  • 6,95 euros per meal that is taken on a regular monthly basis (every day, or every Tuesday, etc.)
  • 8,95 euros for an occasional meal (no monthly commitment)

Monthly lunches are billed a month in advance. Cancellations: if your child is ill please notify Saray on 93 1886215 before 9.30. Lunch will not be charged to you. If no notification is received, the meal cannot be cancelled and you are invoiced as usual.

Pupils who have packed lunch will be charged a monthly amount of 7,00 euros for the service provided by the lunch ladies and cleaners.


Improvements in school facilities

We hope you will love the many changes in school.
Saplings’ garden now has a wonderful, giant climbing spider’s web, a grassy climbing ramp, soft artificial grass, and a bright outdoor classroom.

Secondary pupils have a new paved seating area and outdoor mini-theatre.

We have a kitchen area for Cookery classes for all ages.

There is a large, new SEN primary classroom on the top floor.
The secondary library has a new cosy feel, complete with sofa and rugs.
Year 2 has a large double classroom with additional space for child-initiated learning.
The theatre has had a makeover and now has full-length mirrors for dance and drama rehearsals.
Please come in and see the changes.


Parent volunteers for our younger readers

We love our younger children to read daily to an adult.
Would you have a little time to come and hear our children as they start on their reading journey? Please contact Theresa.


Inspiring Speakers in secondary

We have a successful calendar of speakers in secondary who speak to pupils on a range of subjects: a special journey, a life-changing decision, your profession, your childhood, your country of origin, a secret passion, your angle on a news story, ecology, etc.
If you would like to join the calendar and come to speak one Wednesday 2.00 – 2.25, please let Audrey know.
Thank you for enriching our pupils’ learning by sharing your thinking and experiences.


Week 1


What to bring to school every day…plastic-free!

This year, we aim to become the first plastic-free school in Spain.
Please help us in our bid by not sending in any one-use plastic.
Lunchboxes may be stainless steel, or (long-term use) Tupperware.
Drinking bottles should be stainless steel.
Glass is not advisable because of the obvious risk of breakages.
Thank you.

All stationery is provided by school (pencils, colouring pencils, paints, etc.)
However, do please equip your child with:

  • a hat & suncream (already applied to exposed areas)
  • trainers
  • a refillable non-plastic water bottle, labelled with name
  • lunch and a morning snack
  • (Years 3-6) a diary

Pupils should bring:

  • pencil case including: protractor, scientific calculator (approx 9 euros), pens, ruler, rubber and pencils
  • a diary
  • a non-plastic bottle
  • snack and lunch
  • trainers (may be left at school): PE lessons are every day this year for Years 8-10
  • Year 10 do not have uniform (GCSE Drama should wear leggins or trousers; no miniskirts)


We are a mobile-free school

Please note that pupils should not bring a mobile to school.
We protect our young adults from an indiscriminate use of the internet and social media, encouraging them instead to interact at breaks and lunchtimes.
Research also shows that mobile-free schools have significantly better academic results.
If you believe it is essential that your child brings a mobile, they should hand them into their form tutor on arrival at 8.45.
Their mobile will be returned to them at hometime.
Thank you for your support in this.

After-school clubs – sign up in Week 1

Please sign up in Week 1 (week beginning 9th Sept.) at the wooden table in the hall. Price of each club will be on the paper sign-up list.
Clubs begin in Week 2 (week beginning 16th Sept), except Musical Theatre, which begins in Week 3 with auditions for The Nutcracker.
This term’s clubs (more to be added next week) are:

  • TAEKWONDO (Grant) Mondays & Thursdays- all ages, all levels
    • Wednesdays pre-Taekwondo -Years 1-2 only- offsite (50m away) but Grant to take and return pupils
  • HIKING CLUB SECONDARY day tbc (Katie)
  • DANCE (Jessica) Tuesdays 4.15-5.30 Primary ballet & jazz
    • Wednesdays time tbc Adult Ballet Sculpt (parents, staff & friends of the OT welcome)
  • LAMDA Acting exams preparation (Anna) Tuesdays 4.30 – 6.30
  • MUSICAL THEATRE JUNIOR (Drama & dance team) Wednesdays 4.15 – 6.00 The Nutcracker
  • MUSICAL THEATRE SENIOR (Drama & dance team) Wednesdays 6.00 – 8.00 The Nutcracker
  • ORCHESTRA Nicole – adult instrumentalists welcome
  • FOOTBALL Junior Years 2- 5 Tuesdays 4.15 – 5.15 (Maeloc)
    • Senior Years 6 and up Thursdays 4.15 – 5.15 (Josh)
  • INSTRUMENTAL LESSONS (one-to-one) available in piano, drums, guitar, classical guitar, violin, cello and viola, saxophone, clarinet (contact Anna

Permission forms- please sign and return in Week 1

The admin department will shortly send you a range of permission forms to sign via the digital app docusign.
These include:

  • permission for short, one-day trips in the local area (Vilanova, Sitges or Sant Pere)
  • permission to use your child’s images in our Newsletter and website (online)
  • permission to use your child’s image on the parents’ Facebook page and Instagram
  • permission for secondary pupils to leave school alone at hometime
  • permission for Year 10 (only) to leave school at lunchtime (going no more than 1 km radius from the premises)

Thank you for returning them to us by email in Week 1.

Tea party for new families
Thursday 12th, 3.15, in the primary library

New families are invited to have tea with the headteachers and other parents who have recently arrived in the area.
Our Events Committee coordinator, Katie Thomas, will also be there with an invitation to join this year’s committee and help her create and run the year’s calendar of community events.
Hope to see you there!




The secondary day runs until 4.15

Please note the secondary day now runs every day from 8.45 – 4.15.
Year 7 will end every day with a 30 minute organization and homework session, where they will be supervised and encouraged to plan their evening and make a start on their independent work.
Years 8-9-10 will end their day with half an hour of PE, in line with medical recommendations that young adults take 30 minutes per day of physical activity.


Is now taught in Years 8 and 9, as well as 10, to those pupils who are secure in both Spanish and English.

Enrichment afternoon, Autumn Term

First half (Sept – Oct)

  • Year 7 Outdoor project in the local area
  • Years 8-9 Padel (short indoor tennis) at the Padel Club next door

Second half (Nov – Dec)

  • Year 7 Padel (short indoor tennis) at the Padel Club next door
  • Years 8-9 Outdoor project in the local area

Year 10 privileges

As they enter their final phase of study:
1. They may leave the premises at lunchtime (once the family has docusigned permission for this)
2. They may wear no uniform
3. They may have lunch at the picnic tables in the new paved garden
4. They may use the library for independent study at lunchtimes

Uniform reminder for secondary

Year 7-8-9

  • A white t-shirt / blouse/ polo shirt
  • The black school logo sweatshirt (winter)
  • Any colour bottoms: jeans, trousers, skirts (no micro miniskirts or tiny shorts, please)
  • Trainers for PE on Mondays & Thursdays (may be left at school in a labelled bag)

Year 10 No uniform

  • No tiny shorts or micro miniskirts, please
  • Trainers for PE every day (may be left at school in labelled bag)
  • GCSE Drama girls- leggins or trousers (no skirts) on Tuesdays/Thursdays for physical theatre work

Looking forward to seeing you at Meet The Teacher!
In the meantime, have a lovely week,

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