Dear families,

We made the most of our great outdoor spaces this week as the weather became reliably warm.
Reception-Yr 1 played teamwork games in their Spanish P.E. lesson:


Year 7/8 stepped outside for a session on close observation and sketching from nature:


And our Growing Project really took off with the Upper School sowing their meadow flowers and the joint vegetable plot now boasting strawberries, lettuces, peas & sunflowers.


Come along and see it!

The most amusing moment of the week must be Friday lunch break, when the secondary girls attempted to teach the Year 1 boys how to play volleyball. The boys, however, persisted in applying the rules for rugby-  with hilarious results! Ten out of ten for patience and persistence, secondary girls.


Coming up this week, the last before our half-term break:

Red Cross Day, Wednesday 8th May

To support this international day of fundraising, we will be asking the children to find sponsorship for two events to raise money for La Mensa del Cor.
On Wednesday, as we did last year, we will attempt a Sponsored Silence during the school day!
This may seem rather out of keeping with our ethos of fostering expressive, communicative skills in our children. However, we prize silence as essential for close observation, calm reflection and attentive listening. On Wednesday, we will celebrate and encourage the beauty of silence even in our youngest pupils by listening to more music, stories and poetry than usual; and by sharpening our powers of close, calm observation across all lessons.
The youngest children may be sponsored in 5 minutes units; the Upper School may be sponsored in units of 15 minutes, e.g. I pledge to sponsor this child 20 cents for every 15 minutes of silence s/he keeps.

Sponsored Unplugged Day/ Unplugged Weekend

Your child will also seek sponsorship for this fundraiser. Over the half-term break, your child will attempt to go a whole day (or a whole weekend if s/he chooses) without any form of electronic entertainment. This means NO internet, Nintendo, Wii, X-Box, chat apps, FaceBook, email, radio, television.

Please support our children in this eye-opening way to spend a weekend,  even if some of them may initially be shocked at the proposal! Last year, many of our children reported their unplugged time to be a fun time when they discovered new/forgotten pleasures. Some parents last year used this time to revisit those ways in which they had had fun themselves as children.
Looking forward to it!


Please send your best photos of the year to Nunzia for inclusion in our Yearbook. The more she has, the richer the document of this year at The Olive Tree.

Half-Term Break

Monday 13th – Friday 17th May.

Have a lovely week, everyone,


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