Hello everyone!

Sadly, the end of a lovely holiday –  but this half-term will be a very active one with school productions, swimming,trips and colonias.

If your child went unplugged for a day / weekend, please collect their sponsor money and hand in to Angie.

A costume request for soldiers’ costumes, swords & spears left over from Carnival-  please may we borrow these for our production of The Trojan Horse?

Plenty coming up this week

  1. Swimming-  Upper School Mondays (yrs 4-8) | Lower School Fridays     (yrs R-3)
  2. Primary Trip to Barcelona–  Wednesday. All primary classes to visit the Labyrinth, Greek amphitheatre and Botanical Gardens
  3. Spanish play performed by Micaela’s Intermediate group to all classes, Thursday
  4. Colonias Meeting for parents & accompanying staff, Thursday 3.00 pm
  5. Second-hand Uniform, Homemade Cake & Lemonade Sale, Friday 4.00, school garden
    Please send in any uniform your child has outgrown by Friday morning.
    If your child’s class is making lemonade, please send in 3 lemons and some sugar anytime this week.
    Homemade cake also very welcome for this sale!
    The Upper School will need help to set up the lunch tables & ‘jumble’ at around 3.40 on Friday on the grass-  feel free to come and help!
    All funds raised towards the Corpus Christi flower carpet fund-  we need 180 euros to buy the flowers! 
  6. Open Morning for Prospective Families, Saturday 11.00 – 1.00
  7. Mini-Marathon Sponsored Run & Beach Picnic, Sunday 26th 11.00. Meeting point below Sitges church, La Fragata beach. Bring a picnic! All funds raised for La Mensa del Cor.

It’s going to be a very busy week in school!


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