Hello families & staff,

Thank you for supporting today’s Sports Day if you were able to come along this morning. It was great fun in the morning sun.

We are pleased to say that we now have appointed all the extra staff that we will need for our growth next year.

We are very happy to welcome Lisa Serret, an enthusiastic, dynamic American teacher who has worked in Barcelona international schools for many years. Lisa will teach Year 3. Her son Nick recently spent a week in secondary with us and is excited to be joining us in Year 8.

We are also very happy to welcome Nick!

We are also very pleased to welcome Jenni Ramage, a dedicated British teacher who is currently teaching in the local area. Jenni will teach Year 1. We are very happy to have her join our team.

Ignasi Puig, a local primary class teacher and Early Years specialist, will join the Saplings Class in helping Kerry create a bilingual classroom every afternoon from 12.00 to 4.00. Ignasi will support Kerry in all the afternoon activities but will provide Spanish immersion for our 3-5 year olds.

Since Friday, we have had five more new children join us from the local area and from abroad! Candela Lamora and Marta Comabella join Year 3 from a local international school. Everett and Laine Moore join Year 5 & 7 from the USA. And Mariona joins our little Saplings!

Some reminders for you of events coming up this week:

Lunch Tasting

On Wednesday and Thursday at 2.00, there will be two tasting sessions of sample lunches made by Saika (our present provider) and by two other prospective providers.

You are welcome to come and taste the samples and then vote on your preferred option for next year.

Choir Concert & Piano Recital

We would like to bring forward this Friday’s choir concert and piano recital to the earlier time of 9.30 am.

The concert will last approximately one hour.

Transition Afternoon

This Wednesday, children will be introduced to their teacher next year and a have taster afternoon with her in their new classroom!


Nunzia has very kindly created a Yearbook of this year’s photos of the children at work and play.

The printers will be sending us a sample copy of this lovely hardback book on Friday morning.

It will be on display at Angie’s desk in the hall.

Please sign up for it if you’d like a copy, which should arrive early in July.

It will cost 15 euros.

You will be notified when it is ready for collection at school.

Break Up

We break up for summer holiday on Friday at 1.00!

You will be able to have lunch at home with your child that day.


Hope it’s a great week, everyone,


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