Directing the musical Bugsy Malone was wonderful. Working with extremely talented children is inspiring and motivating: on occasion, I would even forget their age, given their professionalism and total commitment.

Each pupil worked hard at learning their lines, songs, choreography, accents, movements onstage. They inhabited their characters entirely, and the humour they injected into their roles was pure genius.

At the dress rehearsal, once we finally had the set, costumes and props in place, I sat down in front of the stage and marvelled. The vision I had shared with the pupils several months earlier had come to life- the show was a living, breathing entity, no longer a set of good ideas.

On the production nights, the audience laughed and cheered. They praised the pupils’ incredible energy, their amazing talent. It was so professional it could have been the West End stage!, they said.

I felt so proud of them, that my heart filled to bursting behind my director’s curtain, as they all took to the stage for their final encores.

The adrenalin pumping in me was such that, the following morning, my first thought was to choose the next play title and start planning, casting and rehearsing it… I had the Olive Tree theatre bug!

So why not come and join our Musical Theatre Club this term and be part of the next wonderful show?

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