At the Olive Tree School we encourage a love of literacy – using talk for writing strategies, our children are given the opportunity to experience and discuss a range of high-quality texts.

The children in Year 5 have recently looked at autobiographical writing during online lessons.   They have had the opportunity to study and learn about the structures and features of this genre – which includes diary writing.  They have read a selection of diaries including excerpts from the diary of Anne Frank.  The feelings, descriptions and emotions written by Anne have had a particular impact on the class during our present circumstances and they have been able to discuss their own experiences and emotions about being confined at home.

Using her diary as inspiration and following much discussion, the children were given a task to write their own diary entry about their present circumstances.  As a primary teacher of too many years to mention, I am lost for words … the work produced is amazing, here is one of the many I could have selected …

Dear Diary,

Today was quite an important day, let me explain …

I had been in our house for more than six weeks, until the day my father announced, “From this day on we will be able to do short walks – so come on, put on our shoes and let’s head out!”  I ran downstairs with excitement, grabbed my camera and stared at my shoes.  I looked at them closely – at the tiny hole at the front, the dirt rubbed on the side and the Velcro peeling off the fabric.  I hadn’t worn them for so long.  I remember hating that pink colour, never realising it was now the key to freedom.  I slipped them on and cautiously stepped forward.

My mother handed me a blue mask, “My company gave me thirty of them,” my dad interrupted.  I felt the fear trembling up my spine as I put it on, my head spinning with questions.  What was going on outside our cosy home?  Then it was time – I stepped outside and took a breath of fresh air, remembering the street and all the people in the houses who cared and suddenly all my worries went away.

Beautiful! Well done Year 5!  Well done Olive Tree School!

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