Year 5 have been led into a fantastical world where dragons exist.

I posed as a secret dragonologist sent on a mission to find a dragon that had been spotted in the area. The email that I “received” from Dr. Albert Drake, the head of The Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists, explained of a dragon sighting in the forest near the Olive Tree school.

Our Mission

As the secret agent on hand, I was to go at the soon possible opportunity to find and observe the dragon.

Off we went equipment in hand to discover the dragon’s whereabouts and to observe the situation.

After tracking the dragon from footprints and swish marks left on the forest floor we found the dragon in her cave guarding her beautifully patterned eggs from predators.

We observed the red scaly dragon and her position, took notes and photographs.

Leaving the dragon in peace we headed back to school to create our own fantastical world of dragons, the Viking island where they dwell, the dragons themselves, their eggs.

Our Learning

As well as all the amazing art opportunities this topic allowed us, papier mache, wire work, clay, and lots of glitter,  we linked our work with dragons various non-fiction pieces of works; including record books, passports, informative guides. We also used it as a base for a class poem about dragons and a portal story to dragon land, where the main character would meet the authors imagined dragon.

The class has thoroughly enjoyed their trip into the fantastical, as have I.

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