As part of our “Making a Difference!” topic this term, Year 4 learnt about two areas.  Child Poverty, in particular in India, South America and Africa. The other was the impact of polluting oceans and seas, which linked to our science week and visit to the CRAM Marine Wildlife Centre.

The class were so engaged and interested in both areas that they asked if they could raise money for two charities.  They researched this and selected Save the Children and CRAM – so the idea of the Promises Auction was born!

Year 4 organised and planned the entire event from writing letters to parents and designing posters to advertise the auction.  Parents, teachers and children were asked if they would like to donate something for the auction.  We received a range of fabulous items – VIP Barcelona football tickets, car-washing, Spanish lessons, hand-crafted jewellery, cakes, biscuits and offers to come and cook a six-course meal at your home to name but a few!   

The Year 4 parent helpers were very supportive and organised all the refreshments for the event.

Year 4 hosted the auction brilliantly, with groups of children introducing each item and monitoring bids from the audience. 

Great fun and laughter was had by all and thanks to the generosity of the parents over one thousand euros was raised for our chosen charities.

A great success and a fantastic learning opportunity for the children from start to finish!

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