Dear families,

We hope it’s been a lovely half-term break for you and your family.

Before the break, Year 8 celebrated International Maths Day with some mathematical photography: they took some beautifully creative pictures around school.
Here is ‘When The Triangle Met The Circle.’

On the last day of the half-term, Year 10 visited the theatre at the International School of the Arts to see their performance of Dracula. Pupils then took part in a Question & Answer session with cast and playwright/director.

A busy two weeks coming up in school.

Secondary Monthly Quiz
Wednesday 6th, 2.00- 3.00

Secondary pupils will regroup into their five houses to compete in a quiz based on the last month’s learning in the classroom.

International Food Fair
Friday 8th, 4.00 – 6.00

Come and sample dishes from around the world!
‘Passports’ will be sold at the school gate every day next week, both at 8.40 and at 4.00, at a cost of 10 euros per passport.
A passport will entitle you to a portion of four different national dishes.
If you would like to make your own national dish and serve it at the fair, please contact Katie at as soon as possible to guarantee you have a table.
There will also be a raffle! If you would like to donate a gift for this, please also contact Katie.
We already have two VIP tickets to a Barcelona FC match and some food hampers.
All funds raised at International Food Fair will go towards new library facilities for both primary and secondary libraries.

Interfaith Week
Monday 11th – 15th Nov.

The week after next, we celebrate Interfaith Week and learn about some of the major belief systems.
Would you like to come in and talk either to primary or to secondary pupils about your own religion or about a religion you are interested in? Perhaps you could share some of the stories told by members of that faith, or share some of the traditions. Please let us know.

World Kindness Day
Wednesday 13th Nov.

A day for all ages to explore ways of demonstrating altruism and appreciation of each other.

The Nutcracker
15th December, 3.00 and 6.00

Please save the date for our Christmas musical theatre performance, The Nutcracker.
Tickets will go on sale on the 2nd December.
Prices are 4 euros for children and 6 euros for adults, which include either a child’s snack or an adult’s drink.
10% of the funds raised will go to the local animal charity Rescue Me.


Please keep an eye on the website blog, where teachers regularly post their reports and images of activities / days of special interest!

Wishing you a great fortnight ahead,

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