Dear families,

Last Friday, all pupils enjoyed a very full Spanish Day, where they celebrated the diversity of Spanish-speaking countries worldwide.
All pupils from Years 1 to 10 cooked a dish, learnt a dance and created a map of a Spanish-speaking country.
A high-energy learning experience!

Last Wednesday’s Spanish trip to the vineyards was also a lovely experience, where primary pupils took active part in harvesting and pressing the grapes.

As well as lunchtime Maths Club, we now have an inspiring Storywriting & Reading Club.
Opportunities for our primary children to spend more time on something they love.

On a health note, would you kindly help us prevent viruses spreading? If your child has a stomach virus or a fever, thank you for keeping them at home for 24 hours after the last symptom has passed.

Coming up in Weeks 6 and 7:


Week 6
(begins 14th Oct)


Inspiring Speaker in Secondary: China, country, culture and language by Natalie Ribbans
Monday 14th, 3.35-4.15

Natalie lived for some years in China and will give a talk to all secondary pupils about her experiences there.

Maths Day in primary
Tuesday 15th

Interactive Maths activities will go on across primary on this day.

Inspiring Speaker in Secondary, The Festival of Sukkot by Michal Volfin
Wednesday 16th, 2.00 – 2.25

Michal will speak to secondary pupils on the history and customs of the Jewish festival of Sukkot.


Week 7
(begins 21st Oct)


Secondary Parents’ Meetings
Thursday 24th Oct, 9.00 – 4.30

We have changed the format of secondary Parents’ Meetings: these will now take place during a weekday, and we urge all families to attend.
Today Monday 14th, you will be sent a link to sign up for a meeting with each your child’s main subject teachers.
Please note that we consider it essential to speak to all families at this point of the year.
Thank you for signing up digitally for these meetings when you receive the link.
A written report on your child will be sent to you on the 5th December; a meeting following this written report may be held if you or the staff consider it necessary.

Secondary pupils receive Forest Training
Thursday 24th Oct, 9.00- 1.00

Jerry Linehan, our Forest School- trained teacher, will lead all secondary pupils offsite on this half-day’s trip to hone their survival skills in the wild!
On this day, pupils must wear walking shoes/trainers and trousers, and bring a light waterproof.
Lunch and plenty of drinking water will also be needed.
(School lunch pupils will have their picnic lunch provided by school.)
The price of this trip is 3,50 euros, which will be added to your monthly fee.

Year 10 trip to Dracula at the IAB
Friday 25th Oct, 2.00 – 4.00

On this day, all Year 10 pupils will go to the International School of the Arts in Sitges to see this stage adaptation of the famous novel.
The play is directed by its author, Jane Thornton. After the performance, we are invited to a Question & Answer session with cast and director.
Pupils may return to school at 4.30 with staff; alternatively, they will be free to go home at 4.30 from Sitges (IAB in Can Pei).
This trip will cost 6 euros, to be charged to you along with November’s monthly bill.

Half-term break
Monday 28th Oct – Friday 1st Nov

A reminder that school is closed for half-term break between these dates.


Week 8


International Food Day
Friday 8th November, 4.00

On this colourful day, families cook a national dish from their country and sell small portions to children and other parents.

All funds raised will go to our brand new Library Fund! This year, all money raised by families will help give both primary and secondary libraries a makeover, making them brighter and cosier. Funds will also go towards buying many more books for your child to borrow.

To take part in International Food Day, please contact the Events Committee by October 25th – tables are limited!

Please tell the committee

a. the dish you propose to make

b. its country of origin

c. if you can provide your own decorations for the table and large serving plates for the main dish (not individual plates).

Include a contact phone number for the committee to contact you via WhatsApp.

Raffle prizes- any donations? There will also be a raffle at this event. If you would like to donate one of the prizes, we are very grateful! Please also contact us by the 25th October at the above email.

Have a great week!


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