Dear families,

We hope the half-term break was restful for your and your family.
It was good to have the pupils back in school today full of spirit and engagement!

A few notices for your diary for this coming half-term.

A performance in our theatre: the IAB’s Alice in Wonderland
Wednesday 22nd May, 2.45 – 3.55

We have been included in a small tour of local schools by the Acting department of the International School of the Arts.
They will perform their experimental Alice In Wonderland for pupils aged 7-14 (Years 3-9) in our own theatre.

Colonias dates

It’s almost time for our pupils to go on their exciting residential visits!
A reminder of when each year group will be away:
Years 1-2 30th & 31st May
Years 3-6 27th – 29th May
Years 7-9 28th – 31st May
Years 11 9th – 13th June

Oliver! by Year 6
5th June, 1.45

Year 6 have recreated this classic musical for their families.
Please come along and enjoy it.

Reports will be sent home
11th June


Parents’ Evenings
Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th June

You will soon have the chance to sign up for a time to speak to all your child’s teachers.

Macbeth by Year 7-8
12th June, 2.15

Years 7-8 would like to invite their own families to their performance of this chilling play.

The Taming of the Shrew by Year 9
13th June, 2.15

Year 9 would like to invite their families to their performance of Shakespeare’s great comedy.

Arts Evening in Secondary
Friday 14th June, 6.00 – 9.30

Year 6 & secondary families are invited to an evening where we will celebrate the pupils’ artistic achievements this year!
We will see the two Shakespeare plays above being performed again; pupils will play music; and there will be an art gallery of the pupils’ best work this year.
In the gardens and theatre.

Willy Wonka by Junior Musical Theatre Club
Saturday 15th June, 4.30 & 7.30

Tickets will be on sale soon for this mouth-watering production.

An end-of-year lunch for all secondary pupils lunch in Coolinary
Thursday 20th June, 1.00 – 2.00

Coolinary has offered us a sunny outdoor table and a menu at 7 euros per head to help all the secondary school, staff and pupils, celebrate the end of the year!
We would love everyone in secondary to be there.
We propose that the finance department bills each family for these 7 euros along with your June tuition fee.
We hope you like the idea!

The OT Dance Club performance
19th June, 6.00

Families of pupils in the great Junior Dance Club are invited by Jessica and the dancers to this lovely show.

Summer Concert
21st June, 11.00

Our beautiful farewell concert for families, where all our three choirs will sing songs from around the world for you.
Don’t miss it!

Term ends for pupils
21st June 1.00

On the last day of the year, we finish school at lunchtime.

Secondary end-of-year party
Friday 21st June 8.00 – 10.30

There have been requests from secondary pupils and families to hold an end-of-year party / prom in the garden, as in previous years.
We need a group of secondary families to take charge of this project for it to go ahead.
We would families to organize it and supervise the evening. Families need to: prepare a dish to share, decorate the garden, supervise the party (at least two parents at a time), play the music through the sound system, and clear away afterwards.
If you can volunteer, please contact your class carer and the party can go ahead!

Bugsy Malone, professional photographs available

Karina, a photographer and ex-pupil of ours, took some lovely pictures of the play.
If you would like to buy some please contact her at

The Yearbook

Sadly, there was not enough interest in a Yearbook for it to go ahead. We had just over 50 requests but needed closer to 100 to justify the number of hours and the expense involved in making it.

Code to open the gate

The new code to open the gate is 1566A.
Thank you for not sharing this code with your children.

Tomorrow homemade popcorn and hot chocolate at breaktime!

Year 11 are fundraising for their trip to Lisbon next month and are selling hot chocolate and snacks at breaktime tomorrow.
If your child brings in one euro they will be able to buy these treats.
Have a good week, everyone!


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