Dear families,

We hope it’s been a restful weekend for you after the high winds.
Thank you for supporting our safety measures and keeping your child at home where it was possible for you.

There were some highlights to the week, in spite of the weather.

On Friday, Year 3 gave an Oscar-winning performance on the Roman invasion of Britain. Full of historical facts but also rich in gags, the play was much appreciated by the audience.

On Monday, Year 10 Advanced pupils of Spanish went to the theatre in Vilanova to see the classic Spanish play Fuenteovejuna, while the Intermediate pupils had a morning of communicating with retailers and the general public there.

Thank you to those Year 5 / Year 6 families who came up to secondary to our Open Evening for Primary Families. It was lovely to welcome the younger pupils and have them take part in some inspiring activities in the secondary classrooms.


Week 4


Storytelling Week

We celebrate this special week with even more stories than usual!
If you would like to come and tell / read a story in your child’s classroom, please let his/her class teacher know.

Secondary Quiz
Wednesday 29th, 2.00

It’s time for our very popular monthly quiz, where secondary pupils review the month’s learning in their five mixed-age houses.

Open Morning for prospective families
Friday 9.30 – 11.30

We open our doors to families who are interested in joining our school: there will be tea and a tour of the classrooms.
Please invite your friends and let them know we still have some places for September.
Thank you for your support in helping fill our little school.


Week 5


February is Black History Month

We focus on the history of slavery, apartheid, the US Civil Rights movement, and on the key figures who changed black history: Mandela, Luther King, Rosa Parks, and various more contemporary figures who continue to inspire us today.

Self-Defence for secondary pupils
Wed 5th Feb, 2.00

Grant, our Taekwondo instructor, gives his annual talk on basic self-defence for secondary pupils.

Twelfth Night at the IAB
Thursday 6th Feb, 2.00

Year 10 go to the theatre to see this favourite Shakespeare comedy at the International Arts Institute in Sitges.

Beach Clean-Up!
Sunday 9th Feb, 11.00 at the Terramar Beach

Please bring a (plastic-free) bag and help clear our beaches. Do invite your friends!

Have a great fortnight, everyone,

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