Dear families,

International Food Fair was a great success. Thank you all for contributing with a delicious dish, a donation to the raffle or simply by supporting the lovely event. Special thanks to the Events Committee for their hard work.

Thank you to all families who came in and spoke about their religion or beliefs during Interfaith Week. It was invaluable for pupils to hear about the various belief systems represented at our school.

Choir t-shirts will be needed by all children for the Winter COncert on 20th December. Please let Saray know if your child still needs a Choir t-shirt. This t-shirt may be worn as everyday uniform.

A few news items for Weeks 10 and 11:




Beach Clean-Up, Terramar Beach, Sitges
Sunday 1st December, 11.00am

We would like to re-introduce an old Olive Tree tradition by inviting all families to a beach clean-up session on the first Sunday morning of every month.
Families and friends are invited to meet on the Terramar Beach in Sitges, where we will fill large bags with plastic and other litter.
Please bring gloves and (biodegradable!) bags to collect the rubbish.
See you there!

Local council improvements to the Sant Pere area

Sant Pere de Ribes council recently held elections where citizens voted in their preferred improvements to the local area.
Below are the winning proposals.
Please contact the local council (Sant Pere de Ribes) for more details.

  • A defibrillator in every local school
  • More open playspaces for children aged 0-12
  • Improvements to the fireworks night that takes place every January in Sant Pere de Ribes
  • Social-emotional education in all local schools
  • Improvements to the La Sinia market (in Roquetes)
  • Communication workshops for parents
  • A public education campaign to promote care of the public spaces and to discourage littering
  • A secondary schools campaign to promote LGBT rights
  • A schools campaign to celebrate diversity



Year 4 class performance The Egyptians
Wednesday 3.00

Year 4 families are invited to this exciting journey back in time.




Connections Day
Tuesday 19th

All secondary pupils will spend the day in mixed-age groups, exploring on a range of questions through the prism of two different disciplines, e.g. Maths & Music, Art & English, or Science & Geography.
We look forward to sharing some of their findings with you.

Inspiring Speaker: I volunteered to work in El Salvador when I left school (Maria Iriarte)
Wednesday 2.00

This week’s speaker in secondary will share the joys of travelling and volunteering in Central America as a young person.

Year 10 colonias to London, Summer 2020

Year 10 families, please see separate email proposal for the class trip in Summer Term.
Thank you for responding as soon as possible so we can move ahead with organizing it.

Have a good week, and see you around school,

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