Dear families,

Last week was extremely full, with Year 11 pupils sitting their GCSE mock examinations, an inspiring day-trip to the Science and Maths Fair (YoMo) andOpen Morning for visitors.

We also held an Open Evening in Secondary for our primary parents. Families spoke to the teaching team and secondary pupils; they also looked at the work done by secondary pupils in all areas.  And the lab was set up for some exciting experiments!















If you are a primary parent but were unable to come last Thursday, please let me know if you would like us to run another Secondary Open Evening.

New Fee Structure

Please find attached the new fee structure, sent out to families last week.

Understandably, we have been asked what has prompted the significant fee rise.

There are various factors:

  1. We have 22 teachers on our staff, yet we only have 130 children.

        In contrast, our neighbouring school has 1700 pupils on roll, but only 75 teachers.

                 Ours is not a financially-led model: it is led by what we believe is best for children- excellent ratios in

                the classroom.

        These ratios are extremely costly to maintain, yet we have fought hard for 8 years to stay well below our

        competitors’ prices.

        After the rise, we will remain considerably more economical than any of our quality competitors.

        (Please note that other schools have not published their prices for 2018-19, and that their figures are for

        this school year-  a rise on those figures is expected.)

  1. We are under pressure to retain/attract the best teachers with competitive salaries.  If we cannot

        offer the salary packages that multi-national schools (such as the one above) offer, we are at risk of

        losing our excellent staff, our most valuable resource.

        On last year’s income, we would be unable to raise salaries or improve conditions.

  1. We have always worked hard to keep fees to a minimum, to cover our costs and little else, providing special needs education and one-to-one English support at no extra cost, unlike the large schools.

This is no longer viable and we must start to charge for these extras as other schools do.

  1. Our facilities are on a par with our competitors’. We have all the equipment and teaching spaces we require for the curriculum up to age 16.  We have invested heavily in the last year to ensure we offer the best learning environment we can.
  1. Becoming an examination centre.  This coming year, we need to become an examination centre (with Cambridge or Edexcel) in order to provide the broadest range of examination subjects at 14-16. This is extremely costly but will benefit all our pupils in the long term.

In brief, our prime objective for many years has been to keep fees to an absolute minimum, and not to make a profit. These minimal fees are no longer viable if we want to maintain our ratios in the classroom, retain our excellent staff, and become an examination centre at secondary.

Please let us know if you would like to speak further on this.  We understand it hugely affects families’ budgeting, but we can find no alternative if we are to continue to provide the personalised education we do.

Thank you for letting us have your views.

Coming up


Years 10-11 London Colonias

5th-9th March

An exciting week for our 15-16 year olds at the National Theatre, the Globe Theatre, on the river taxi, at museums, on tours of Victorian London, and a Vance Joy concert!  They will be staying in a historic youth hostel beside St Paul’s Cathedral. We can’t wait to hear all about their adventures.


Science Week (coming soon) – plastic bottles required, please!

Do you have any plastic bottles such as those containing fizzy drinks? We need several to make our amazing flying rockets in our upcoming Science Week!

Parents’ Evening

Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th March

Please sign up at the hall table soon to save a slot with your child’s teacher(s).

Hope to see you all around school this week,

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