Dear families,

This week, we were treated to Year 6’s lovely version of the classic story Oliver!
We congratulate the pupils on their hard work in learning these classic songs, dances and lines.
A great production!

We have received some excellent essays as part of our Secondary Essay Competition.
The winners will be announced this week.
The judges will be looking for original thinking and beautiful writing.


Week 8


Year 11 Lisbon colonias
Sunday 9th – Thursday 13th June

We congratulate our eldest pupils, who have just completed their GCSE exams!
They are now celebrating the end of their exams with a visit to this beautiful port city.

Class Photos
Monday 10th

On Monday, Karina, our ex-pupil who is now a professional photographer, will come and take group portraits of all classes.
These portraits will be available for families to buy in Week 9 as a souvenir of the year. They will cost 5 euros per print.
Thank you for sending your child into school in the correct uniform on this day.

Recital by our instrumentalists
June 11th, 4.15

Families of those pupils who are learning a musical instrument are invited to a recital where they will play some of their recently-learnt pieces.
In our theatre.


Reports are sent home
11th June


Parents’ Evenings
Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th June

Please sign up for a time to speak to your child’s teachers.

Little Red Riding Hood, Year 1 Play
Thursday 13th June, 9.15

Year 1 families are invited to this lovely performance in our theatre.

Arts Afternoon in Secondary: drama, art and music
Friday 14th June, 1.30 – 5.00

Please note the change of time for this event, as requested by families.
Year 6 & secondary families are invited to an afternoon where we will celebrate the pupils’ many artistic achievements this year.
We will see Year 7-8 perform Shakespeare’s Macbeth (1.45 pm) , and Year 9 perform The Taming of the Shrew (4.00); pupils will play music; and there will be an art gallery of the pupils’ best work this year.

Willy Wonka by Junior Musical Theatre Club
Saturday 15th June, 4.30 & 7.30

Tickets on sale this week,

Saplings’ Summer Theatre Party!
Tuesday 18th June, 3.00

Our Saplings children are invited to come to school on this day in forest-themed clothing or summer clothing.
At 3.00, families are invited to a summer celebration, where the children will perform on their little garden stage. They will also serve parents a salad made from the vegetables they will harvest on that week from Saplings’ garden.

Sports Day on the Terramar Beach, Sitges
Wednesday 19th June

  • Primary Sports Morning & Picnic 9.30 – 1.00

  • Secondary Picnic & Sports afternoon 1.00 – 3.45

Pupils of all ages will enjoy a picnic and an end of term sports day on the beach on this day.
Please remember to pack a sun hat and sun cream on this day.
Secondary pupils may swim and will need swimwear.

The OT Dance Club performance
19th June, 6.00

Families of pupils in the great Junior Dance Club are invited by Jessica and the dancers to this great show.

An end-of-year lunch for all secondary pupils lunch in Coolinary
Thursday 20th June, 1.00 – 2.00

Pupils and staff celebrate the end of the year together with lunch in the sunshine.

Summer Concert
21st June, 11.00

Our beautiful farewell concert for families, where all our three choirs will sing songs from around the world for you.
Please save the date.

Term ends for pupils
21st June 1.00

On the last day of the year, we will finish school at lunchtime.

Flower Carpets in Sitges (Corpus Christi)
Sunday 23rd June, 7.30am

Please come along and help us create our beautiful flower carpet in this loveliest of Sitges festivals.
Families meet at the corner of carrer Sant Pere and the Passeig (the seafront) and, using the children’s drawings, make a floral design on the pavement.
It’s all over by 10.00 am so don’t be late!

It’s hot and bright in the playground now

Please send in your child with a sun hat, suncream and sunglasses if s/he’ll wear them

Football trading cards

Primary children have had a great time with these but they are now starting to dominate the school day, and are even affecting lesson times and lunchtimes. Would you please ask your child to keep these at home, or bring them for your child to play with and trade at 4.00pm? Many thanks.

Leavers’ textbooks

If your secondary-aged child is leaving this term, school is happy to buy his/her textbooks for 5 euros each, as long as they are in good condition and re-usable. Please bring in the textbooks and give to Saray, giving her a list of the texts labelled with the pupil’s name for reimbursement. Thank you for helping us recycle in this way.

A Creative Writing Club this summer holiday?

If you child is aged 9 – 14 and would like to join a creative writing club at The Olive Tree this July, please let Saray know.
We will run it if there is a minimum of 5 pupils.


If your child would like Spanish lessons over the summer months, please contact our teacher Sara Carmona at


Sara, our Spanish teacher, is going to Kenya in July and would like to take some desperately- needed stationery to a local school there: exercise books, pencils, rubbers, etc.
School is collecting a little money to buy a suitcase full of stationery for Sara to take.
If you would like to donate a little money to this, please place your money in the box in Saray’s office.
Thank you.

Have a great week, everyone,

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