Dear families,

We hope you have had a lovely weekend.
We would like to thank Carolina Falcone for her visits last week into secondary to teach Yoga breathing to all our pupils. We are looking forward to incorporating this valuable practice into our routine in order to enhance pupil’s focus and thinking.

A few notices for Week 6 of Spring Term:




Learn Hebrew!

An exciting opportunity to learn this fascinating language in school. Two new clubs will soon begin, both taught by Michal Volfin, our own primary teaching assistant.

She says:
Did you know that we write from right to left?
Did you know that we have a different alphabet?
Did you know that Hebrew is an ancient language, which was revived and is now spoken by 9 million people?

  • Advanced Hebrew (for pupils who have some Hebrew) Wednesdays 5.15 – 6.15, starts this week in the primary library.
  • Beginners’ Hebrew (for zero beginners of all ages) 30 minute sessions during one lunch hour per week. Beginning the week of 11th March. Cost for the half-term (6 sessions) will be 30 euros, to be billed with your next tuition fee.

Please contact Michal at michal@olivetreeschool.catfor more information or sign up at the reception table.

Movie Night for all pupils
Friday 15th, 4.30 – 6.30

This Friday, one of our most popular annual events, kindly organised for us by the Events Committee.
All ages from 3-16 have been catered for, with three very different films showing.
Year 1 & 2 families have been requested to support this event; we thank them for their work on this event.

New code for the gate

Please note that there is a new code for the garden gate, which you have been sent privately.
Thank you for not sharing this code with pupils, primary or secondary. The gate is opened manually by staff at those times when pupils need to leave the premises.
Coming soon…

Open Morning
Tuesday 19th February 9.30 – 11.00

Please invite your non OT-friends to come along and see our learning in action. They will meet staff and have a tour of the school and visit lessons. We are grateful to anyone who is able to share this event on Facebook.




No primary pupils off-site before or during after-school clubs

Some of our primary pupils who stay for after-school clubs are asking to leave school at 4.00 pm or during club time in order to buy a snack.
To keep our children safe, pupils are not allowed to go off-site unaccompanied at these times: there is a very busy road they must cross to get to the nearest shops.
Please ensure your child has a snack for the afternoon session. Thank you.

Primary colonias

Please return the permission slip if you haven’t done so already.
Thank you.
Coming soon in Primary…

Years 4-5-6 families, An Evening in Secondary
Thursday 21st February 4.00

Years 4-5-6 families are invited to meet the secondary team and hear what makes our secondary school so popular with pupils – and why it is such a unique place to grow and achieve until the age of 16.
Did you know our pass rate at GCSE is 100%? Did you know our secondary pupils study in small classes where their maturity, their English language levels and their thinking skills are often praised by visitors from other schools and school inspectors? Come and find out why our secondary is such a thriving, inspiring place.




Engineering Week II, secondary, Robotics: Build Your Own Robotic Arm

Maths lessons across the secondary school will be given over to an inspiring engineering project for the second time this year.
Families are welcome to come up at the end of the week and view the exciting project outcomes.

Year 9 Options, families’ meeting
Friday 15th, 3.00 – 4.00 in the English classroom

Year 9 families are invited to an important presentation about the choices facing pupils in this class. Subject specialists will be available for questions and guidance as each pupil decides which options they will take up next year.

Year 11 careers counselling
Every Thursday 4.00 – 5.00

Please ask your Year 11 child to book an appointment with Audrey, where they will talk through their options at 16+.

Have a great week everyone,


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