Dear families,

Last week was very full and exciting.
On Friday we raised a little money for the dyslexia library. Thank you if you were able to contribute. We will let you know the full amount next week.

In primary, projects are underway in all classrooms and children are deep in their learning.
Please ask your child to show you the beautiful kindness blossom tree in the primary corridor, where children’s names are hung when they have done an act of kindness.

In secondary, we held our first monthly quiz, which was great success. Pupils were placed in five mixed-age houses and competed on questions compiled by their teachers on the month’s learning.

‘Grow your Heart & Mind’, the secondary motto, has really come to life with our student mentor system, where an older pupil guides and advises a Year 7 pupil. Pupils across secondary are creating lovely bonds in this way.

And so on to Week 5.


World Homeless Day
Thursday 10th

A difficult issue, particularly for younger children. We will focus on it in the secondary school next week.
Some older primary classes may hold some dialogue on this if they are curious to explore the reasons behind it and seem keen to have dialogue on it. Your child may come home asking questions related to this issue.

Spanish Day, primary and secondary
Friday 11th, 11.40 – 4.00

Our annual celebration of the Spanish-speaking world and its great cultural diversity.
All pupils will take part in three activities from midday until hometime: making a recipe, learning a song, creating a 3D map.
On Monday, your child will bring home a simple list of ingredients to help him make the recipe. Please bring these in on Friday. Thank you.
We are looking forward to it!

Charity event led by one of our parents for children in Kolkata

Andrew Pringle, one of our parents, is competing in the Spartan Race on the 13th of October.
He will be running to raise money for the Sitges-based charity Kolkata Street Children. Every euro raised will go directly to a factory that makes underwear for Indian children in Kolkata and distributes it to them.
If you would like to donate, please find out more here
More details on the Spartan Super challenge:
Thank you.

Healthy snacks

A little reminder to keep school snacks healthy: a piece of fruit or a small sandwich.

Thank you for not sending in large bags of crisps or whole packets of biscuits: we find that snacks high in salt or sugar are not ideal for children’s concentration during school hours.

Choir t-shirts- order yours in plenty of time & recycle the old one!

Each of our three beautiful choirs has a special Olive Tree Choir t-shirt, which pupils wear proudly on the day of the Christmas Concert and in the Summer Concert in June. Pupils may also wear this t-shirt on normal school days, instead of their usual uniform shirt.

The colours of each choir t-shirt are as follows:

  • Years 1-2 Choir: light blue + choir logo
  • Years 3-6 Choir: white + choir logo
  • Years 6-10 (Secondary) Choir: black + choir logo

If you would like to donate your child’s old choir t-shirt (either because s/he has outgrown theirs or because they have now gone into a new choir), please feel free to bring it to school for it to be re-homed.
If you would like to buy a new colour t-shirt (either because your child has outgrown theirs or because they are entering a new choir), please sign up with Saray at reception/by email with your child’s age and colour.
New t-shirts cost around 10 euros, which will be charged to you with your monthly fee.
Second-hand t-shirts will be offered on a first-come-first- served basis to those who sign up to buy a new shirt.


Spanish trip to vineyards, Year 3-6
Wednesday 10.00- 2.00

Years 3-6 will visit a local vineyard.
Children will collect some grapes and press them using the traditional method.
They will then go on a treasure hunt around the vineyard as part of a mystery game which explores the wine-making process
They will finish with a grape juice tasting session and …some locally-made chocolate.
Children will have lunch in the woods next to the vineyard and then head home for 2.00 o’clock lessons.
This trip has a cost of 15 euros, to be charged along with November’s monthly fee.

Maths Club

We have introduced a Maths Club at lunchtimes.

It is proving extremely popular with children from Years 2 to 6.

Ask your child what has been happening in Maths Club!

Scholastic book orders

This week your child will bring home their carefully chosen new book.

Please take this opportunity to drop everything and read!


Secondary Enrichment trip to beach, Year 7
Wednesday 2.30- 4.00

Year 7 have been investigating the causes and effects of coastal erosion.
On Wednesday, Brooke and Paula will lead this trip to the beach in Sitges, where they will observe the phenomenon first-hand.
Pupils will travel to Sitges by public bus. Please note there are no seat belts on public buses.
No permission is necessary for this trip as it is covered by the local permissions document. However, if you would like your child to be dismissed in Sitges at 4.00 please email Brooke. Otherwise, all pupils will be guided back to school, arriving at 4.15.
The cost of this trip is 3 euros, to be charged to you along with November’s fee.

Have a lovely week,


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