Dear families,
I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, perhaps at the Tres Tombs fiesta in Vilanova or at the opening night of the fiesta mayor in Sant Pere.
We have rather a lot of viruses in school at the moment, both gastric and respiratory.
Thank you for protecting our small community by keeping your child at home until the last symptom of a virus has passed. This is usually 24 hours after the last bout of vomiting /diarrhoea or of a fever.
Attached is the Events Calendar for Spring Term.
Please keep for reference.
Staff will add to this as term progresses and more trips and events are planned in order to enrich the learning.
Matriculation is open for 2019-20!
We will shortly hold a series of open days and evenings for prospective families and also for our own families.
These will be publicized on FaceBook and Instagram. We would be grateful if you might share these small ads with your contacts. We would love to fill the last few remaining places in school.
For the coming week:
Martin Luther King Day 
We revisit the life and work of the great man, and reflect on his relevance for our times.
No Pen & Paper Day!
Tuesday in secondary, Wednesday in primary
We renew our commitment to multi-sensory and active learning with this monthly challenge. We get pupils debating, creating, role-playing, designing, storymaking –   and generally thinking and exploring without traditional forms of recording.
Secondary Science Trip to BCN: Museu Blau and the Bodies Exhibition
All secondary pupils will join the trip to these two museums.
Please ensure you have signed and returned the permission slip.
New Clubs in Secondary this term
  • Padel, Mondays / Thursdays 4.15-5.15 at Padel Club next door
With monitors but not formal classes, playing with friends while honing technique. Starts this week- ends at Easter (10 sessions). 80 euros for the term: 40 euros billed in February, 40 in March. Pupils must use own padel racquet (14,99 in Decathlon). Sign up with Saray before 23rd January.
  • Art Club Tuesdays 4.100 – 5.30 with Aileen Hamilton
Aileen is offering a painting, ceramics and modelling club. All secondary pupils welcome. Club price is 50 euros per halfterm.
Families’ special discounts from Padel Club
Padel Club next door to school (PDI) is offering the following package to our families:
  • 2 months’ FREE TRIAL of their member package. No joining fee. You pay a small fee (ranging from 2 to 4 € depending on time of day) per person per hour. This allows you to try the sport at low cost. No previous experience needed.
  • If you decide to join after trying it, membership OT families are exempt from the 100€ registration fee.
  • Please show your child’s Olive Tree Registration Form at the reception desk of PDI to begin your trial.
Have a good evening and see you at school this week,
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