Dear families,

Two fabulous sold-out nights of Bugsy Malone and one more tonight!

The pupils of the Senior Musical Theatre Club put on a very polished performance, with beautiful acting, singing and dancing. And It was extremely funny- impeccable timing and delivery!

We thank Lulu for her inspired direction and production, Jessica for her gorgeous choreography and Nicole for the voice training.

We also thank Iain for the sound production.

The Events Committee and Musical Theatre Club parents laid on a great bar for us- so many thanks to them, too.

We also thank Jessica for planning and leading two excellent International Dance Day sessions last Monday.
Infectious fun as staff and pupils from Saplings to Year 11 got to their feet and danced!

Other announcements:


A new Year 2 class from September

We have had so many families request a place in Year 2 that we have decided to create a second Y2 class.
The decision in no way means that we are becoming a two-form entry school: this is the only additional class we can accommodate in our premises.


Coming up this week:


Secondary Advanced Catalan trip to the theatre in BCN

Pupils from Advanced Catalan Years 7-8-9 will see some contemporary theatre in Barcelona and then visit certain key buildings in the historical districts.
Please ensure you have signed the digital docusign permission slip.

Hometime request, primary families

This term, primary pupils will be in the garden awaiting collection as usual.
However, we need to minimize noise in the garden because we have official GCSE and A Level exams being taken in the library throughout this term.
We must ask you to collect your child promptly and, sadly, not to use the garden for for play or chatting at 4.00 , as the noise would impact on the exam candidates in their exam room overlooking the gardens.
Thank you for your help in this.
If you are late collecting your child, please note that pupils will not wait on the sofa but in the lunch hall or in Saray’s office, where the end-of-day excitement can be controlled.

After-school clubs during the exam period

Similarly, the entrance hall and sofa area may not be used this term by pupils waiting for clubs, as the noise carries up the open stairwell and is clearly heard in the examination room.
Club pupils should wait inside the lunch hall instead.
Taekwondo: pupils aged up to 14 should change into their Taekwondo uniform in the lunch hall. Older pupils may change in the changing rooms.
Junior Dance Club will take place in an upstairs classroom.
Thank you all for helping our older pupils do their best in their examinations.

Have a lovely week,

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