Dear families,

Last week was packed with news and events in and out of school.

Open Forum went well; the outcomes are attached here for you. We thank those who attended.

The main points where families would like your support are:

  • healthier eating at snack time: no sweets, fizzy drinks or chocolates but instead more natural products such as fruit, crackers, cheese, homemade snacks, etc. Sugar can play havoc with many children’s energy levels and disrupt their learning. We discussed the possibility of primary Class Carers organising a fruit rota, where each parent in primary (once every two weeks) brought in a bag of fruit or savoury snacks for the whole class to share. Please discuss with your Class Carer if your class would like to do this. The joint fruit snack time works beautifully in Saplings.
  • less plastic packaging: families are asked to reduce / eliminate single-use plastic in snacks and lunches. Since Science Week, our pupils are very aware of the damage to our oceans and to the food chain, and they will be happy to join this initiative.
  • parental support at whole school celebrations: you are invited to help the tiny number of loyal volunteers on the Events Committee and join them! Can you donate about 5 hours of your time this Summer Term? Some parents proposed that every family should give 10 hours per year to supporting pupil events. Can you let the Events Committee know if you can help next term? Many thanks.
  • join The Olive Tree Parents’ Page on FaceBook. A great way to share your news and events.
  • create a class list of contacts for families’ parties, non-school events, etc: please send your Class Carer your details for inclusion in this list.
  • volunteer at Open Mornings to chat to prospective families: email Alex at if you would enjoy this role.

We thank Katie for organising the exciting secondary trip to swim with the red tuna last Tuesday!

And we thank secondary pupils and Maria for their very professional MUN presentation last Friday.

Coming up in the last week of term…

GCSE oral exams for our secondary pupils
Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th April

We wish them luck in their French and Spanish oral examinations!

Theme Day in secondary: workshops exploring the concept of Power

Years 7-8-9 go off timetable for a day to explore the theme of Power in a series of inspiring workshops given by our staff.

Saplings & Primary are invited to the Year 2 Poetry Recital

All Saplings and primary pupils will be treated to a lovely poetry recital hosted by Year 2.

Year 2 families invited to the Poetry Recital
Thursday 11th April, 3.15 in the theatre

Year 2 families are invited to see their children recite and perform!

Parents’ Evenings
Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th April

A chance for you to come in and speak to your child’s teachers.
Please sign up with the teacher via email or at the sign-up sheet in the entrance.
Please note that these are brief 10-minute meetings to check that progress is on track. If you have a more complex issue to discuss, you are invited to make a separate appointment with staff. Thank you.

Easter Bonnet Parade! All year groups (Saplings- Year 11)
Friday 12th April, 8.45

This week, pupils of all ages are invited to spend time at home creating a fabulous, theatrical Easter bonnet!
Elements may include: vegetables, flowers, chicks, lambs, eggs, etc.

On Friday, families are invited to our Easter Bonnet Parade in the theatre. All pupils who have made a hat will parade down the catwalk and show off their glorious creation.
Join us at 8.45 on Friday!

Easter Egg Hunts
Friday morning

We break our own low-sugar rule on this chocolatey morning: all pupils will have an Easter egg hunt in the gardens during their morning break!

Term Ends
Friday 1.00 pm

Please note that there is no lunch in school on this day.

Summer Term Begins & St Jordi Garden Party
Tuesday 23rd April

Summer Term begins with a day of celebration: World Book Day, a visiting UK author, Helen Thorne, and a beautiful St Jordi Garden Party, planned for us by the Events Committee.

There will be story readings by pupils, a second-hand book sale (please bring in your quality children’s and adult books that same morning) and red roses everywhere! Helen Thorne will be selling copies of her new book (6 euros) after running a storytelling workshop in primary.

Looking forward to it already.

Have a good week!

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