Dear families,

Congratulations to Year 4 pupils, families and Clare for their hugely successful Promises Auction on Friday!

A range of wonderful items was auctioned including VIP tickets to a Barcelona match, an evening of babysitting and other creative ideas. An astonishing 980 euros was raised in about 45 minutes!

We are very grateful for parents’ generous donations and bids. We also thank our dedicated Events Committee for their lovely refreshments bar.

All money raised will go to Year 4’s two chosen charities: Save The Children and the CRAM.

Our Inspiring Speakers in Secondary were Gabriel, Lulita and their little son Antonio, a homeless family from Sitges who came and told us their personal story. Pupils have been moved to think creatively about solutions to homelessness in the next term.

We thank Sonia Tarrida for liaising with the family and introducing them to us.

Coming up in Week 12


Year 9 Poetry Recital
Tomorrow Monday, 12.15 in the theatre

Year 9 families are invited to this monthly event.

Open Forum
Tomorrow Monday 2.45 in the dining hall

Our annual round table for families.
School leaders, senior teachers and the finance director will all be there to discuss the agenda set by you, the parent body.

The agenda is attached here.

We hope to see you there.

Secondary Swimming with Tuna
Tuesday 2nd April

As part of their Marine Biology work begun in Science Week, all secondary pupils go down the coast to l’Ametlla de Mar to put on a wetsuit and swim with the fish.

Year 8-9 families’ MUN presentation
Friday 5th April, 3.30 in the theatre

Year 8-9 families of those pupils who went to Madrid MUN are invited to see the video made there of our pupils giving their opening speeches and other highlights of the trip.

And looking ahead to Week 13

Year 2 Poetry Recital
Thursday 11th April, 3.15 in the theatre

Year 2 families are invited to hear this lovely recital, where children will share some favourite poems.

Parents’ Evenings
Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th April

Please sign up for an appointment to speak to your child’s teachers.
Sign-up sheets will be on the table in the entrance this week.

Easter Bonnet Parade! All year groups Saplings- Year 11
Friday 12th April, 8.45

The last assembly of the term will be the annual Easter Bonnet parade.
Saplings – Year 11 are invited to create (at home) an extravagant Easter bonnet and to parade it at this assembly.

Easter bonnets may include any of the following spring elements: eggs, butterflies, flowers, chicks, lambs, etc!

Families are also invited to this lovely assembly.

Gastric virus

Last week, we had a high number of pupils and staff suffering from a gastric virus. To stop the virus spreading further, please keep your child at home if s/he had had vomiting or diarrhoea in the night. Please let 24 hours go by after the last bout / symptom before sending your child back into school.

We need a critical number of staff working in order for school to function; this is jeopardised by having contagious pupils in school. Thank you for protecting the whole community in this way.

Have a great week, everyone,

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