Dear families,

A very happy new year and a warm welcome back to school for Spring Term, which begins this Thursday the 9th!

We thank families for supporting our lovely Christmas Craft Fair, in which 84,50 euros was raised. This will go towards some art and craft equipment.

We are also excited to announce that school now has professional theatre lights and a sound system. This hugely enhanced recent performances by the Musical Theatre Club and by the GCSE Drama pupils in Year 10.

This term, we are happy to welcome a new secondary English teacher, Krista Meisch, to our community.
Krista is from the US but has lived in the local area for some years. She is a vibrant, experienced teacher, and a great addition to our secondary team. Krista will teach English to Years 8 and 9.

A few notices for the coming week and term.

Your Spring Term Events Calendar is attached here.
Please keep it for reference.

Inspiring Speakers in Secondary

We have a weekly speaker in the secondary school who gives a brief (20-minute) talk on a range of inspiring topics: a journey, a passion, a place they know, their profession, their childhood, etc.
If you can come in and inspire secondary pupils with a talk this term, please contact Audrey.
We are grateful for your support in opening up our pupils’ horizons in this way.

Auditions for Musical Theatre Club productions
This Friday 10th Jan
Junior Club, The Wizard of Oz, 4.15 – 5.15 (Parents required to meet club staff at 5.15-5.30)
Senior Club, The Greatest Show on Earth, 5.30 – 7.00

Please contact Jessica for more information on Junior Club auditions
Please contact Lulu for more details of Senior Club auditions

New after-school Zumba Clubs

  • Primary Zumba for children

  • Secondary Zumba for young adults

  • Adult Zumba for families and staff

Zumba is a fun, high-energy musical fitness class, run by two of our own parents, Nivia and Nichola.
Please see the hall table for more details or ask Saray.
All clubs cost 50 euros per half-term.

Ballet Sculpt for Adults
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3.00 – 4.00

Our dance teacher Jessica continues to offer this fitness and strength class,starting on the week of the 14th.
Please contact Jessica at

Looking forward to seeing you all again this week,

Spring Events, families copy

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