After completing online lessons during the morning, primary children have been engaging with creative curriculum projects based around a different theme each week. Last week in Key Stage 2, the project theme was linked to food.
The children pursued their own interests within this project. Some children investigated environmental themes to explore how far their food had travelled to get to their plate. They found the origin, measured the distance and collected information about each step along the way. Other children were interested in nutrition and decided to explore the amount of sugar found in everyday household food items with some very surprising results. They used a range of creative representations to present their findings and educate their peers. Finally, the children across Key Stage 2 enjoyed planning their own recipes to cook for their families; shopping lists were created, pricing was calculated and instructions were prepared. A range of recipes were designed; some children were inspired by family recipes which bring back happy memories, others sought to recreate regular family favourites and some designed recipes to fulfil dietary requirements for their parents. Examples of recipes include Pierogi (Polish dumplings), Toad in the hole, Fruit crumble and Quiche Lorraine.
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