Inspiring young people who are responsible, resourceful and reflective.


From ages 11-16, our pupils enter secondary, which culminates in the GCSE examinations.
There is a maximum of 18 pupils per class. We only have one secondary class per year.
We prepare our young adults for success at the UK GCSE examinations, while still maintaining a focus on the arts, physical education and personal development.

One-to-one welfare is essential. We have an effective mentoring system where each pupil has regular meetings with the same trusted mentor.

Our aims in secondary: Responsibility, Resourcefulness and Reflection.


In Secondary, pupils become responsible for their own learning as independent learners. They are taught to be fully responsible for their actions and behaviour, and learn to become responsible for effecting positive change in their school community; in the local community; and in the global community.


Pupils become creative problem-solvers, committed to taking risks in their thinking and in their projects. We focus on becoming resilient, flexible and how to remain optimistic.


Pupils develop the skill of daily self-reflection in order to improve their performance, their attitudes and their relationships.



Fostering social commitment through charity work, taking part in Model United Nations conferences in Madrid, and other inspiring projects.


We create a balance between academic and creative subjects for pupils and ensure personal development is at the centre of every subject.


An emphasis on researching, thinking deeply and presenting confidently in a range of different environments.


NABSS Inspection Report, 14th March 2016

“Accurate use of English is encouraged by teachers, and pupils show impressive levels.”

“The standard of written work produced is high and there is an obvious desire to do well.”

“Preparing my GCSEs at The Olive Tree makes me feel very privileged.

I feel I am being prepared for my exams in the most stimulating and exciting way possible.

These are my best school years, emotionally, academically and creatively.”

Raphaelle, Year 11

The British curriculum focuses on providing pupils with breadth and depth.


Mathematics Mathematics (GCSE) Art (GCSE)
English Language English Language (GCSE) Drama (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts examinations)
English Literature English Literature (GCSE) French (GCSE)

General Science (including Biology, Chemistry & Physics)

Science (including Biology, Chemistry & Physics) (GCSE) Geography (GCSE)
History ICT (Information, Communication & Technology) (GCSE) History  (GCSE)
ICT (Information, Communication & Technology Spanish (GCSE) Music (GCSE) or Grade 5 Music Theory (equivalent to a GCSE)
Geography P.E. (non-exam) Piano (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music examinations)
Music and Choir Sociology (GCSE)
Art & Design Technology
Spanish & Catalan (for those pupils who have fluency in Spanish)

Citizenship & Global Studies

Personal, Social & Health Education


Our Enrichment programme offers non-examined courses and experiences.
One Shakespeare production in our theatre per year Model United Nations participation, Madrid
Personal Challenge Week Private music lessons in violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, saxophone, piano, drums & ABRSM examinations
Two concerts per year including classical and modern songs Orchestra & concerts
Science Week Film Studies
Shakespeare Festival Week Musical Theatre productions
A residential trip to the Pyrenees / the sites of the Spanish Civil War/ London Local theatre trips
Inspiring Speaker visits to school Art & ceramics activities
A weekly afternoon of Enrichment including visits to places of historical and cultural interest in the community; orienteering and forest survival skills LAMDA acting examinations
A term of sailing Hiking Club- mountains and coastline
  Language exchange programme
  Padel (indoor short tennis)

Inspiring Speakers

Some of recent speakers in secondary include:

  • Leigh Oviatt, UK Prison Officer – Life in Prisons
  • Pilar Flores, Argentinian Architect – The Work of an Architect
  • Beatriz Lopez, Spanish Charity Worker – The LGBT Refugee Community in Barcelona
  • Suzan Taher, Hungarian Chef & Food Blogger – Careers in the Food Industry
  • Nicole Andrus, U.S. Winemaker – How Wine is Made
  • Silvia Casellas, Spanish Chemist – The Work of a Pharmaceutical Chemist
  • Joakim Pyyry, Finnish Physicist – A Physicist in the World of Medicine
  • Charlotte Birch, U.K. Marathon Runner – The Joy and Pain of Running a Marathon
  • Charlotte Causton, U.K. Biologist – A Biologist in The Galapagos Islands
  • Claire Davies, U.K. Creative Director & Relief Worker UNWRA Switzerland – Helping the United Nations Works & Relief Agency
  • Nigel Gittins, U.K. Entrepreneur – How to Become an Entrepreneur
  • Simon Guillebaud, U.S. Charity founder of ‘Great Lakes, Outreach’ in Burundi – Burundi, The Hungriest Place on Earth
  • Sonia Tarrida, Spanish Veterinary Surgeon – Electromagnetic Waves in Modern Medicine
  • Will Shank, U.S. Art Historian – Cracking the Secret Code of ‘Las Meninas’ by Velazquez
  • Theresa Brookes, U.K. Teacher – Travelling Across the Five Continents
  • Ivana Perisic, U.K. Teacher – “I Was a Bosnian War Refugee.”
  • Alison Johnson, Australian Marine Conservation Society – The Great Barrier Reef in Crisis
  • Paul Bou-Habib, Swedish Philosopher – What is Free Will? Do I Really Have It?
  • Annelie Shade, U.S. Fitness Trainer – The SuperTeen: Fitness in the Teenage Years
  • Susana Preston, Spanish Art Historian & Museum Curator – Sitges in Prehistory & History
  • Maisha Ortoll, Spanish Journalist – Wrongly Accused: A Grave Miscarriage of Justice
  • Will Shank, US. Art Historian – Salvador Dalí & The Persistence of Memory
  • Frederik Veger, Cattle-Farming Expert – A Cattle Farm in Paraguay
  • Will Shank, US. Art Historian & Restorer – Salvador Dalí, His Life & Work
  • Grant Mabe, UK Taekwondo Master – Self-Defence Techniques for Teenagers
  • Lulu Melotte, Teacher, Actress & Traveller – Travels in the Third World

It is fair to say The Olive Tree has an ethos that I have not found anywhere else, the number one aim of the headteacher is to bring out the potential in her children. The teachers here have a vocation, going far beyond academics. I wish more children could enjoy this level of inspirational and holistic education.


– Margaret Davies

This school has been more welcoming than any other school we have come across; the teachers have been always been warm and extremely responsive; our child has been growing and learning quickly, and enjoyed school so much it has often been a struggle to get him to leave at the end of the school day! The small class sizes and the excellent teaching, have meant that our child has been able to truly learn at his own pace.


– Serene Olesetti

I think you know a school works when none of the kids want to come home at 4 o’clock.


– Susana Preston

We had a lovely holiday but the boys were really happy to be coming back. I don’t ever remember feeling that way about any of my schools. They are so happy and engaged.


– Juliet Ryder

It’s a school with a lot of guts. It’s creative, hands-on, proactive and nurturing but expects academic excellence. I thoroughly recommend the Olive Tree.


– Diego Fabra

This school is very much the heart of our community: my daughter thrives in such a supportive open atmosphere.


– Claire Davies

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