Tuition and fees at Olive Tree are outlined below.

Tuition fees for the 2019-2020 school year.

Age / Edad Class / Clase Fee / Cuota
3 Nursery €7,950
4 Reception €8,550
5 Year 1 €9,614
6 Year 2  
7 Year 3  
8 Year 4 €9,614
9 Year 5  
10 Year 6  
11 Year 7 €10,575
12 Year 8  
13 Year 9  
14 Year 10 €11,030
15 Year 11  


Renewing a Place- Current Pupils:

To keep a current pupil’s place for the following September, families pay a €300 reservation fee in April. This is discounted from September’s tuition fee. If the child does not return in September, this deposit is not refunded.

Waiting List Fee- New Pupils

To join the waiting list for admission, families pay a €100 fee. This is non-refundable and not discounted from the first monthly fee.
Joining the waiting list does not guarantee a place.

Discount for Advance Payment of Whole Annual Fee

A 3% discount is applied if payment for a whole year’s fees is made in advance and before 30th June the previous school year.

Discount for Siblings

30% is discounted in tuition fees for a third child.
50% is discounted in tuition fees for a fourth child.


The fees will be charged in 10 instalments ( from September to June).

Registration Fee

No Registration Fee is charged for children entering at Nursery level.
The Registration Fee is payable on admission to the school, and once only.
The Registration Fee is €2500.
A second child pays a registration fee of €1500.
Subsequent children pay €1000 in registration fees.


Secondary textbooks will be billed separately as required.

Colonias and other educational trips are not included in the tuition fee.

Lunch Provision

There are 2 options for lunch:

1. School Lunch – provided by the school’s caterers. This is a balanced, healthy 3 course meal freshly cooked every day. You can reserve on a monthly basis for 6.95€ per day. If lunch is requested for less than one month’s duration the daily price is 8.95€
2. Packed Lunch – You can chose to provide your own packed lunch for your child. If you choose this option, a small charge of 7€ per month is made to cover the cost of cleaning and monitoring in the dining hall, where children eat their packed lunches in a hygienic, supervised environment.


Cómo Mantener una Plaza Actual para el Próximo Curso

Para mantener la plaza del curso siguiente, las familias pagan 300 € por alumno en abril. Esta cantidad se descuenta posteriormente de la cuota de septiembre. Si el alumno no vuelve en septiembre la Reservation Fee no se devuelve.

La Lista de Espera

Para apuntar a cada hijo en la lista de espera, la familias pagan 100 €. Esta cantidad no se devuelve ni se descuenta de la cuota de septiembre. Apuntar a un hijo a la lista de espera no garantiza la plaza.

Descuento por Pago Anual Adelantado

Se aplica un 3% de descuento en las cuotas escolares si se efectúa el pago por adelantado de todas las cuotas antes del 30 junio.

Descuento para Hermanos

El tercer hijo tiene un descuento de 30% en la cuota de enseñanza.
El cuarto hijo tiene un descuento de 50% en la cuota de enseñanza.


Las cuotas se abonarán en 10 mensualidades (de septiembre a junio).


Los niños que empiezan en Nursery están exentos de matrícula.
La matrícula sólo se paga una vez.
El precio es de 2500 €.
La matrícula para el segundo hermano es de 1500 €.
El tercer hermano y sucesivos tendrán una matrícula de 1000 €.


Colonias and other educational trips are not included in the tuition fee / Las colonias y excursiones no están incluidas en la cuota de enseñanza.

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