Frequently Asked Questions

Which curriculum is taught?

We teach the British National curriculum to children aged 3-16 years. Children enter the school in Saplings, move through Primary and complete their time with us in Secondary where they prepare for, and sit their GCSE examinations. While we teach the full British curriculum, we teach it dynamically and thoughtfully keeping in mind our wonderfully diverse group of international pupils.

We are also regularly inspected by NABBS.

What is the required level of English?

We believe there should be a balance of majority of fluent/native speakers with non-fluent speakers. In this way we can offer a much higher level of English than in other schools.

These percentages are not fixed; we always consider the potential of the pupil to fly with English in a reasonable length of time.

In this way, we create a strong immersion for pupils.

In 2016, the British inspectors praised both our very high level of English as a school, and our effective immersion program.

Which ages are taught?

We offer places for pupils aged 3-16 years. Beginning in Saplings (Early Years), children move through the British Key Stages in Lower Primary, followed by Upper Primary and on to

Secondary where they complete their GCSE examinations.

What are the class sizes?

In educational circles, our class sizes are considered ‘small’ or ‘very small’.

Optimal numbers are considered to be between 15-22 in most academic studies. At Olive Tree our class sizes are as follows:

  • Saplings           20
  • Years 1-2          14
  • Year 3-6           18
  • Years 7-11        20

We strive to keep class sizes small, with plenty of extra teaching support.

Where are the teachers from?

Our teachers are British government trained and certified. Our Spanish and Catalan teachers are native speakers and have studied here in Spain.

How many hours of Spanish / Catalan / Art / Music / P.E. are taught per week?
  • 3 hours per week of Spanish
  • 1 hour per week of Catalan
  • 2 hours per week of Art
  • 2 hours per week of Music
  • 2 hours per week of P.E.
Which language is spoken on the playground?

English and Spanish are both spoken on the playground, with English naturally dominating. All classes are taught in English, except our language classes: Spanish and Catalan.

What are the nationalities?

Olive Tree is an international school, with a mix of pupils and families from all over the world. We are proud to have 27 nationalities represented.

How do lunches work?

Your child may either bring in a packed lunch from home, or contract a school lunch with our caterers. We work with a Vilanova based caterer who provides us with a daily menu comprised of three dishes:

  • A starter such as soup, paella or a stew.
  • A main dish such as chicken, fish or a vegetarian dish. A green salad is always served.
  • A dessert : either fresh fruit or yogurt.

The price is 6.95 euros per day if your child has school lunches every day of the month.

If your child occasionally chooses the lunch option, the price per day is 8.95 euros.

If your child is absent through sickness, you will not be charged.


Many of our pupils carpool to and from school. If you are coming from Barcelona, Casteldefells, Tarragona or Vilafranca or other areas outside the immediate Sitges/Sant Pere de Ribes area, we can help you get in touch with parents in those areas for possible carpooling options.

First Aid

First Aid is provided by Saray Gallego. Saray is qualified in Red Cross first aid care, ASI (Asistencia Sanitaria Immediata Level II), and has lifeguard training.

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