Covid-19 Management Policy

We have followed Spanish government guidelines in August 2020 in formulating this policy.

The following safety measures have been taken and approved by the Catalan Department of Education:


  • Staff should check their own temperature (at home in the morning / on arrival at school). A reading of over 37ºc means staff cannot be in school. See the quarantine protocol below.
  • Staff give temperature checks on pupils on the gate on arrival. Over 37ºc and the pupil goes home.
  • There are staggered entry times and hometimes so that a small number of pupils are at the gate at any one time. There are three gates in operation.
  • Lunchtimes and break times are staggered to give maximum outdoor space to each bubble. There is no mixing between bubbles on the playground.
  • Lunches are eaten in the classroom by each bubble.
  • Families sign a declaration to state their child is symptom-free and has not had close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 for at least 14 days , and that they agree to abide by the school quarantine policy (see below).
  • Included in the declaration is the responsibility to inform the school if a child presents symptoms compatible with Covid-19, or if a household member tests positive for Covid-19
  • Staff contact with families is only online / email / by telephone. Staff may not invite a parent in to discuss their child.
  • Staff meetings are also to be kept small-scale (max 6 participants wearing masks ) and / or online.
  • No audiences are to be invited to events such as plays, sports days or recitals. We will video performances instead.
  • Outdoor learning is to be encouraged whenever possible. There is a staff booking system for the outdoor classrooms. There are other local areas we use such as the adjacent forest.
  • Each class must be kept as a bubble, with no contact with any other class, either indoors or out.
  • Masks are to be worn all day, including in the playgrounds, by Year 2 and up.
  • Masks worn by staff are provided by school to ensure they meet the required standards.
  • There is individual hand gel on every child’s table and hand gel dispensers are placed strategically around corridors and beside entrances.
  • Distances of 1.5m will be kept to in the classrooms, but in Early Years (Saplings) and primary (Years 1 to 7) there is some flexibility/ understanding that young children cannot distance.
  • Distances of 1.5m should be kept to in Y8 and up, and by staff.
  • Open-window ventilation for 10-15m at least x3 day (during breaks and lunch, and before and after the school day).
  • There are HEPA air filters installed in every teaching space and in each staff room. These filters remove 99% of particles and are on throughout the school day and for 4 hours after school finishes.
  • Our teachers work in 4 different staff rooms to allow for distancing.
  • Handwashing happens at least x5 day (before and after toilet, play, lunch, breaks)
  • There is a clear protocol for quarantining suspected cases and isolating confirmed cases (see below).

COVID case management in schools


Under 14 years old

Breathing difficulty
Sore throat
Blocked nose
Abdominal pain / discomfort
Vomiting and /or diarrhoea
Muscular pain

Over 14 years old

Fever or chills
Breathing difficulty
Sore throat
Altered sense of taste and smell
Vomiting and /or diarrhoea
Muscular pain

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