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Dynamic, personalised education for 3-16 year olds.


Audrey Reeder

Active, personalized education for 3-16 year olds

Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to our much-loved school for 3-16 year-olds, now in its twelfth year!

The Olive Tree began life in a little house in Sitges, with the aim of providing a family environment where the learning was incredibly exciting.

Now, twelve years later, we have grown. We have spacious premises with beautiful grassy gardens, a science lab, two ICT rooms, a busy art studio, two peaceful, plant-filled libraries, several outdoor classrooms, two thriving vegetable plots and an indoor and an outdoor theatre. And an ancient olive tree to read under or to climb!

We may have grown but our priority remains the same: inspiring excitement for the world of ideas and learning.

We have kept our small classes to ensure your child’s learning is personalized to their needs, and to provide warm emotional support.

In the local community we are known for our creative approach: our gallery of artwork and our concerts. In our theatre productions, literature comes to life; in our Engineering projects, Maths is activated.

We are also committed to Forest School and other forms of outdoor learning for pupils of all ages.

Our children and young adults search for solutions to community and global issues.

And, when a young adult completes their time with us at 16, their examination results are well above the UK average. No surprise, since thinking and learning are at the heart of our school.

We’d love to meet you and your child,

Audrey Reeder


We are the only school in Catalonia to offer The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) exams.

NABSS Inspection Report, 14th March 2016

“Engaging, personalised and worthwhile experiences are provided for all pupils throughout the school.”

Since 1978, The National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) has been inspecting British schools in Spain.

NABSS schools are fully authorised and recognised by Spanish education authorities as teaching the British National Curriculum. Schools are inspected regularly and then authorised.

The Olive Tree has consistently received excellent inspection reports.

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