Family Newsletter Week 6

Dear families,

After a short week after the break, we now embark on a full week of learning and activities.

Firstly, we would like to tell you that we have a record number of children signing up for next September. Several of our classes for next year are already full. We are looking forward to having a lovely new intake to boost our numbers. Thank you for spreading the word about what is special about our school-  your word-of-mouth and our new publicity campaign are working beautifully.

New Number for Hometime Messages

If you need to contact school regarding pick-up (if you will be late, or if there is a change in the person collecting your child), please feel free to send a whassapp message to 644 756 593.

You are also welcome to continue to use the school number 93 188 6215.

Lost Property- please retrieve yours

Please visit the girls’ bathroom in the hall and look through the mountain of clothes for anything belonging to your family.

At the end of this week, we will be organising a sale, in aid of the Red Cross and other good causes, and sell anything that is left in school! Thank you.


Any old clothes to fit 3-5 year olds for Saplings?

Do you have any old clothes you no longer need? Saplings need to renew their bank of clothes for children to change into after a water accident. Please bring in anything you can donate to Saplings. Many thanks!

Week 6


Secondary PE at Padel Club (Monday 19th Feb – Friday 23rd March)

Our secondary pupils will be doing their PE at the Padel Club next door this half-term, both on Mondays and Fridays.

They will be coached in small groups of six pupils by the Padel Club instructors.

If you have a padel racquet at home, please send it in with your child. If not, tomorrow we will be lent racquets, but for next week, please ensure that your child has their own. They are inexpensive at Decathlon.

The Padel Club has also offered Olive Tree families 3 hours of free use of their facilities for those parents who would like to join their Padel Ladder- a competition for adults.

Price of the Padel training for pupils is 25 euros per month (x2), to be billed with tuition fees in March and April.

Y3 -4 Swimming (21st Feb – 21st March-  5 sessions)

These classes begin their swimming lessons.

To be led by Ivana and Juliet but taught by the Espai Blau instructors.

Nancy Jack in school to teach Art to Y10-11

We welcome back Nancy Jack to teach an Art unit to our eldest pupils. Thye will explore the work of Georgia O’Keeffe and William Turner; then paint in the style of the two artists.


Inspiring Speaker Sophie Grasso: I Worked as an Emergency Doctor

Thursday 3.40

Families welcome to this talk.

Week 7

Open Morning for Prospective Families

Tuesday 27th February, 9.30 – 11.30

Please feel free to join prospective families and witness our dynamic learning for yourself. Try and visit as many classrooms as possible in order to get a feel for the progression a child feels as they grow up through our school.

Secondary Open Afternoon for Olive Tree Primary Families

Thursday 1st March, 4.15- 5.15

Our primary families are invited to meet the secondary team and pupils, and to talk about life between 11-16 at The Olive Tree.

See you all in the morning!


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