Family Newsletter Week 3

Dear families,

We hope it’s been a lovely weekend for you and your children in the glorious winter sunshine.

We would like to thank Leigh Oviatt for her Inspiring Talk in Secondary on working within the British prison system. Pupils were fascinated to hear her inside stories. Many thanks, Leigh.

The ‘slapped cheek’ virus  is still in school, with some of our children displaying the most obvious symptom of a flushed cheek. Please note that, while the virus is not usually serious for the child, pregnant women should not come into contact with it.

Car theft outside school

We are advised that we are not the only school to have been targeted by car thieves at drop-off and hometime.

Please remember to lock your car and to leave no valuables inside it while you are in school.

Coming up in Week 3:

Sant Pere Festa Major, the children’s parade

Wednesday, 11.00- 2.30

As in past years, primary will visit the unforgettable children’s parade at the Sant Pere Festa Major.

We will see the giant figures, the fire-breathing dragon, the children’s dances and more.

We would like as many parents to support us as possible: some of our children may be afraid of the noise and the crowds, and the more adults that are on hand, the better.

If you know your child is likely to be frightened by the fireworks and bangers, please consider very seriously coming along to stay close to him/her. If this is not possible, please contact Theresa or me so we can make alternative arrangements for your child to stay in school.

Please meet us at 11.15 at the Escorxador in Sant Pere on Wednesday if you would like to join us for the trip. We do appreciate your presence.

Inspiring Speaker in Secondary, Bea: Persecuted in Their Own Countries, Stories of Refugees

Thursday 3.40, History classroom

Families welcome to this fascinating talk by Bea, who works with the refugee community in Barcelona.

Meeting for KS3 families on becoming a Cambridge school & GCSE examination centre

Friday, 2.45, English classroom

Years 7-8 families are invited to an open meeting to discuss the option of our school becoming a Cambridge centre. This would hugely open up the choice of GCSE subjects we teach, allow our pupils to sit their GCSE exams in school, and many other advantages besides.

Movie Night

2nd February, 4.15-5.45

The Events Committee has just announced their latest exciting event!

Look out for the programme of movies this week. Tickets also go on sale this week.

See you in the morning, everyone,


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